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About the used technologies:

Material – Aluminum alloys are classified blocks
Measuring and testing – size control
Smelting equipment – 2 oil-fired crucible
The company strengths – small and medium series

Formatting method and procedure:

  • gravity casting,
  • sand molding – furángyantás and shell molding.
    Both the mold and resin we use sand, trying to guarantee the best surface quality.

Surface treatment-Machining (subcontracting)

  • blasting,
  • sand,
  • polishing,
  • sintering.
    Upon request, the casting is carried out by subcontractors, heat treatment, hardness handed over with.

Weight limit:

  • mold 0,1 kg – 30 kg,
  • Sand 0,2 kg – 200 kg

Device Manufacturer:
It molds and wood samples out studies required for production are involved, and we undertake a reliable sub-contractors with expertise in a short period of time, fair price.

Typical castings:

  • brake,
  • lamp-standard,
  • industrial instrumentation boxes,
  • agricultural machine parts,
  • awning parts.

Our customers:

  • general industry,
  • vehicle industry,
  • agricultural machinery industry,
  • precision engineering,
  • combustion, lighting industry.