About us

We founded our company in 1986 and it has been an idependent venture ever since. It has been operating as a deposit partnership, owned by private individuals, since 1992.

Our main activities are the prodiction of aluminium casts in sand moulds (furan resin and shell moulding processes) and the supporting activity of mould casting, which we always do on order. Our services are supplemented by tool and mould design and the tool production from subcontractors. Our colleagues work on the basis of continuous liaison and technical coordination in order to reduce the probability of errors to a minimum.

Naturally, we must also face the challenge of developong our premises if our current free capacity is allocated to clients and the number of our staff is increased accordingly. At present we have two oil-fired furnaces which allow us to take on the production of small and medium batches.

We are significant suppliers in the general machine, automotive, agricultural machine, precision engineering, heating technology and lighting technology industries. the weight of our casts ranges from 10g to 100kg. as quality is the most important consideration for our clients, we only do work using certified ingots (various A1 alloys). That allows us to meet the various conditions required for compliance with mechanical requirements.

Our usual casts primarily include brake parts, candelabra, instrument casings, parts for agricultural machines and sun-screen parts. Their end users require significant surface finishing and excellent casting quality, therefore we always aim toguarantee we also undertake the finishing and machining of casts: grit blasting, sand blasting, polishing, dip coating.

In addition, with our reliable and expert subcontractors we can undertake assignments with very short deadlines and at correct prices. As regards completion deadlines, we aim to ensure maximum flexibity for our clients.